Accident Claim Compensation

There are a lot of factors that affect the chances of risk claims being successful.

  • Time‌scale. If the incident had happened three years ago there would have been no chance of a lawyer being ready to settle the case. The limit period for most personal injury claims is three years and if the case is not resolved or the trial is not issued in court before that time, the matter will be barred by statute. There are exceptions to this rule. That time does not begin to drive until a person is 18 years old. There are other exceptions and accident claim advice should always be taken regarding matters related to the limit.
  • Injuries. The doctor who first treated the injury has medical details, which are very important when making a claim. The attorney will use this record as evidence for the type and cause of the injury and, if necessary, seek another expert’s medical opinion as the case progresses. It is therefore important to seek medical advice from the General Practitioner or from the Accident and Emergency Department of a local hospital after any accident has occurred.
  • Guardian. A Specialist Accident Claim Advisor Solicitor liaises with police officers who witnessed the accident shortly after or in the event of an accident and usually obtains a copy of the police accident report, which is available immediately upon completion of any relevant criminal prosecution. A police officer is called to testify in any civil court case for damages if necessary.
  • Witnesses: Sometimes there are witnesses and it helps if their statements are collected immediately. Witness statements well support the claimant’s case. However, these statements should never be obtained personally by the injured person. A lawyer or private prosecuting agent appointed on behalf of the client will usually obtain signed statements, which will certify the client’s version of the events.
  • Evidence. The more evidence and information is gathered, the more successful it will be. Clients are recommended to dig detailed photographs of the location and any injuries. A daily diary chart for recovery from injury can also be used to estimate any compensation to be paid for pain and suffering. It should include any entries on how the pain penetrates your ability to enjoy any activity anymore, or your ability to enjoy a ‘quality’ life. All receipts for expenses should be carefully kept and filed (make photocopies).

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